Dipartimento di Energia, Politecnico di Milano

NEWS - New theses available starting in SEPTEMBER 2020

News - The Lab is involved in the new Polimi interdipartimental lab Circ-eV (Circular Factory for the Electrified Vehicles of the Future) working on second life solutions for Lithium-ion battery

News - The H2020 project ID-FAST started in January 2018 - the Lab is involved in studing degradation and accelerated testing of automotive PEMFC

News - Andrea Baricci earned the First Prize for Best Paper Award at Piero Lunghi EFC17 Conference

News - The new course Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage starts in March 2017

News - The Lab earned the "Best Scientific Contribution Award" in EFCF Luzern 2015

MRT Fuel Cell Lab

The Laboratory studies experimentally and theoretically energy electrochemical devices, in particular polymeric electrolyte membrane fuel cells, focusing on transport phenomena, aiming at:

  • understanding of critical phenomena;
  • innovative components development;
  • operation and life-time optimization.

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